Structural Repair and Strengthening

    Carbon Fiber Installation

    Carbon fiber fabric can be used in multiple application methods due to its lightweight and flexible design. These features allow it to be installed in odd configurations and tight spaces. The fabric is attached to the structure by saturation in high strength epoxy resin which after cured is then coated in an intumescent coating to protect the epoxy from fire damage.

    Carbon fiber rods are a pultruded CFRP used in applications where it is more practical or design required to slot the structural members in a near surface mounted technique. The rod slots are filled with an epoxy resin which encapsulates the CFRP rods and bonds them to the existing structural element Carbon fiber laminate strips are a pultruded CFRP also by are externally mounted using an epoxy adhesive that is thixotropic in consistency.


    Concrete and Steel Reinforcement Repairs

    Restocon Corporation has been providing structural concrete and steel reinforcement repairs in the United States for over eighteen years. We have been involved in all facets of the concrete repair trade from a simple surface spall to complex structural support element replacement. We have seen varying degrees and stages of failure including complete loss of integrity on structure support elements. Our extensive experience in shoring and lifting of heavy occupied and un-occupied structures allows us to repair these failures in a safe and cost effective way.
    All of our repairs and shoring or supplemental support systems are designed by state licensed structural engineers who specialize in the restoration industry.

    We work with industry leaders in the manufacturing of repair mortars, grouts, epoxies, post-tensioned external threaded bars and cables and other materials necessary to perform
    these critical repairs. In most instances we are able to provide extended warranties through the manufacturer due to our license agreements and inspection processes.

    We use state of the art equipment to provide properly metered, mixed and applied materials to our restoration projects. Our technicians have been trained to use these specialized tools so that all applications are done to the highest quality standard.

    Our Restoration and Repair Team Offers Services and Experience in These Key Areas:

    • Carbon Fiber Repairs
    • Epoxy Injection
    • Structural Steel
    • Reinforcement Steel
    • Concrete Repairs
    • Cathodic Protection
    • Grouting
    • Soil Stabilization


    • Post Tensioning Cables
    • Pedestrian and Vehicle Barrier Cable Systems
    • Blast Strengthening
    • Hydrodemolition
    • Shotcrete
    • Gunite
    • Sandblasting
    • Masonry Repair & Stabilization

    Scheduling each job to have little or no negative impact on your operations and revenue

    Pre-project planning and phasing where our experience is offered to guide the owner to a successful and cost effective repair plan. Effective planning mitigates surprises in quantity costs and delays.

    Safety programs to insure the safety of our employees, subcontractors, vendors, property owner, owner clientel and the general public. At Restocon Corporation our safety program is the most important element of our business.

    Traffic Membrane Systems, Expansion Joints, Winged & Compression Sealers and Sealants

    Restocon Corporation is a certified applicator for Sika, BASF, Lymtal, and Neogard. Restocon owns and maintains it’s own in-house equipment for coating removal, grinding and shot blasting. Restocon has applied traffic membrane systems throughout the southeast including Texas and Oklahoma. Restocon is a certified installer of the following winged and compression expansion joint systems; Lymtal, Emseal and Watson Bowman. Restocon is also experienced in the removal and replacement of urethane and silicone sealants on horizontal control and expansion joints and vertical joints within the interior and exterior of a parking structures.