Roof Coating

    Roof Coating

    Roof coatings are an economical way for commercial property owners to extend the life of their roofs while also making structures waterproof, energy efficient, and hurricane resistant.

    Serving the entire state of Florida, Georgia and Texas Restocon can show you how to enjoy these benefits and also save thousands of dollars by investing in roof coatings for your office building, industrial facility, school, or virtually any other commercial property. Restocon has applied thousands of commercial roof coatings, helping property owners avoid roof replacement, maintenance, and energy loss costs.

    At Restocon, we have a range of roof coating systems available that will provide you with a long list of benefits, including:

    • A 10-year warranty which can be extended every 10 years under a proper maintenance schedule
    • A wide range of colors
    • No need to remove and dispose of your existing roof system creating less waste in landfills
    • No facility downtime during application
    • No dangerous hot kettles or fumes
    • Seamless waterproofing of your roof
    • Increased energy efficiency and reduced power bills
    • Wind, hail, and rain resistance
    • Elastomeric roof coating to give your roof the flexibility it needs to resist cracking, peeling, and other damage caused by extreme weather

    Rather than going through the expense and hassle of replacing your entire roof, ask us about roof coatings that will quickly pay for themselves in energy savings while extending the life of your roof for years. The appearance of your building will greatly improve, as well.

    Restocon installs the following roof coating types and applications:

    • Metal Roof Coatings
    • Aluminum Roof Coatings
    • Elastomeric Roof Coatings
    • Reflective Roof Coatings
    • Cool Roof Coatings