Concrete Floor Coating and Polishing

    Concrete Floor Coating and Polishing

    Restocon Corporation provides various flooring services from retail stores to hospitals and schools to warehouses. Every commercial floor covering needs to be safe, attractive, durable, and easy to clean. To meet those needs and more, Restocon offers a variety of dependable and affordable commercial floor covering options.

    For more than a decade, Restocon has been an industry leader in repairing, renovating, coating, and covering thousands of commercial floors across Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama. Our all-inclusive approach to commercial floor coverings is designed to provide you with low-maintenance flooring that can withstand years of intensive use.

    Whether you are interested in concrete floor coatings in Miami, expansion joint replacement in Atlanta, or concrete polishing in Houston, Restocon’s skillful and experienced staff will ensure that your commercial floor covering system is installed safely and with the fastest turnaround time possible.

    Our commercial floor covering products and services include:

    • Scheduling each job to have little or no negative impact on your operations and revenue
    • Removing any existing floor topping or covering material including vinyl composition tile (VCT)
    • Cleaning the floor
    • Repairing the floor
    • Smoothing out uneven and cracked floors, spalling, and opened floor joints
    • Helping your business or facility become LEED certified
    • Making your commercial floors ADA and OSHA compliant
    • Concrete Polishing new and old concrete for long service life, ease of maintenance and beauty
    • Matching your décor with clear or pigmented floor coverings
    • Installing zero VOC, skid resistant, chemical resistant, and waterproof coatings
    • Covering the floor with an industrial floor coating that can withstand forklift traffic, pallet jacks, steel and rubber wheels, and other heavy-duty equipment
    • Saving you labor expense with coverings that require less time in cleaning and maintenance

    Not only will the right commercial floor covering prolong the life and usefulness of your facility, but it also can save you time, money, and liability.

    When you need a commercial floor covering installer that understands extreme environments in Florida, Georgia, Texas and Alabama, contact Restocon today at Phone 1-877-241-2202 or email