About us

    Restocon Corporation is a leading specialty construction firm operating across the United States from five regional offices. Each construction project is unique, but we bring the same level of skill, expertise, and quality to every engagement. Our team works to maintain our high standard of quality for construction while delivering projects on time and within budget. Our 20-year history has developed long-lasting relationships with architects, engineers, clients, property owners, and governmental agencies.

    We consider ourselves the leading parking garage contractors in the United States and we approach projects large and small with the same efficiency and effectiveness. Our employees—based in Tampa, Florida; Houston, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia and Memphis, Tennessee—share a strong company culture of safety and hard work. Michael Long, company CEO, explains, “Over 20 years we have worked extremely hard to become the leaders in the fields of commercial restoration, waterproofing, and parking garage repair.”

    • Carbon Fiber Strengthening
    • Concrete And Masonry Repairs
    • Post Tension Cable Replacement And Repair
    • Barrier Cable Systems And Repairs
    • Lifting And Shoring Structural Elements
    • Surface Preparation
    • Caulking And Sealants
    • Waterproof Membrane Coatings
    • Exterior Wall Coatings
    • Expansion Joint Systems
    • Plaza Deck Waterproofing
    • Historic Restoration
    • Floor Repair And Coating Systems
    • Roof Repair And Coating Systems

    Meet Our Team


    Robert Howell: Chairman

    Robert Howell founded Restocon in 1997 combining his years of specialized industry experience with a desire to provide better construction services and quality craftsmanship. Robert has extensive experience in restoration and repair of structures across the Southeast and especially in Florida. Projects have included specialized structural repair, historic restoration, and specialized strengthening systems. He also has worked with architects, engineers, consultants, property managers, and owners across the United States. Robert holds a State of Florida General Contractors License (CG-C057948) and a State of Florida Roofing and Waterproofing Contractors License (CC-C057569). He is also a member of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) and American Concrete Institute (ACI) and Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Institute (SWRI).





    Long, MikeMichael Long: CEO 

    Michael Long has managed major concrete repair and restoration projects in the structural restoration and waterproofing field for over 20 years. Since opening Restocon’s Houston office he has continued to grow the business in Texas and surrounding states. His experience includes the installation of specialized concrete repair mortars, carbon fiber and carbon strip installation, waterproof sealant and coating applications, epoxy resin injection systems, urethane grout systems, and expansion joint repairs.Micheal is Post Tensioning Institute Level 2 Certified. Long is a State of Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Arkansas General Contractor. He is a Florida Certified General Contractor (CG-C1504586), Georgia Certified General Contractor (GCCO-002678), State of Florida Certified Roofing Contractor (CCC-1329411) and State of Florida Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate (SL3183388). Long is also a member of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Florida West Coast and Houston Chapters and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).






    Garrick Infanger: President 

    Garrick Infanger brings many years of management experience to Restocon having worked with a number of companies during phases of accelerated growth and rapid change. His experience includes positions in such disparate industries as building materials, technology, non-profit, forensic engineering, and retail. Infanger graduated from Brigham Young University and received an MBA from the University of Maryland.









    John Kindler

    John Kindler: Vice President Preconstruction Services 

    John Kindler manages Restocon’s Preconstruction Services including estimating, qualification/references and bidding. Kindler brings more than 25 years of construction industry experience and, specifically, concrete restoration, major concrete repair, strengthening, historic restoration, and waterproofing projects He has worked as a laborer, supervisor, project manager, and director of business development. He is a member of International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Florida West Coast and Georgia Chapters, National Trust, and the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation. He holds Certified General Contractor Licenses in the states of Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Kindler holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Technology from Indiana State University.






    Carlos Campos-Estrada: Safety Director 

    Carlos Campos-Estrada is Restocon’s Safety Director and has extensive experience in the field of workplace safety. He holds a host of safety certifications and trainings in the construction field.








    Bob Stone: Branch Manager (Atlanta)


    Bob Stone manages Restocon’s Atlanta Branch Office. Stone has 40 years of experience in construction and project management and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Building Construction from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has managed projects including but not limited to theatre, school, healthcare, commercial and bridge. Stone’s experience includes project management, office management, masonry division management and branch operations. He is a Certified General Contractor in the state of Florida and is also a member of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), Georgia Parking Association and Carolinas Parking Association.






    Dale Shaffer: Historical Restoration Manager

    Dale Shaffer manages Restocon’s Historical Restoration Division and has 29 years experience specializing in restoration, waterproofing, and repair. Shaffer’s experience includes structural concrete repair, structural lifting, pressure grouting, epoxy and chemical grout injection and tuck-pointing, and the restoration and repair of historic structures. He has been involved in the restoration of some of the most significant historic structures in western Florida. Shaffer is experienced in managing on-site personnel, coordinating work, and project scheduling with owners representatives and project engineers. He is a Certified General Contractor in the state of Florida and is also a member of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI).






    Rasmussen, LanceLance Rasmussen: Branch Manager (Houston)

    Lance Rasmussen manages Restocon’s Houston Branch Office and has been with Restocon for over six years. Rasmussen has managed projects on high-rise office buildings, parking garages, high-end residences, and industrial building. His experience includes installation of roof coating and repair systems, façade restoration, waterproofing, and interior finish and build-out. Rasmussen has worked in the past as a foreman, construction supervisor, and senior project manager in residential, commercial, and roofing projects.








    Jeff D. Malpass, PE: Branch Manager (Tampa)

    Jeff Malpass is a professional engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry managing projects of various sizes as both a general contractor and subcontractor.  Malpass manages Restocon’s Tampa Branch.  For the previous 13 years he managed a company involved in various types of concrete repair including structural concrete patching, carbon fiber, epoxy and urethane injection, and shotcrete application.  Malpass is a member of the American Concrete Institute, International Concrete Repair Institute, and the American Water Works Association.







    Michael Matthews: Director of Technical Training

    Michael Matthews brings a career of construction and industry experience to Restocon and the corporate training program. His 30 years in construction includes work on parking garages, bridges, energy plants, elevated train systems, water treatment plants, and condominiums. His specialty is in concrete repair and waterproofing including work in structural re-strengthening, epoxy injection, removal and replacement of damaged structural concrete using specialized repair products and techniques, installation of specialized expansion joint systems, waterproof deck coating systems, chemical grouting, below grade waterproofing, roof coating systems and major structural concrete repairs. Matthews is certified with the Post-Tensioning Institute, ACI Concrete Field Testing, and OSHA and is a member of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI).




    Atlanta Office

    Scott Wilson – Business Development Manager

    Eric Blomberg –  Estimator

    Fatima Smith – Administrative Assistant

    Historical Restoration Division

    Marta Mulero – Project Manager

    Houston Office

    Ashish Patel –  Estimator

    Magill, Jeromy

    Jeromy Magill – Project Manager

    Sam Gobin – Project Manager

    Sagastume, Gonzalo

    Gonzalo Sagastume – Operations Manager

    Long, Tyler

    Tyler Long – Warehouse Manager  

    Villarreal, Rose

    Rose Villarreal – Office Manager

    Emily Long – Project Coordinator 

    Tampa Office

    James Hrybinczak – Warehouse Manager   

    Dallas Office 

    Patrick Taylor – Superintendent

    Memphis Office


    Rafael Mulero – Warehouse Manager

    Corporate Office

    Claeys, Fay

    Fay  Claeys – Human Resources/Payroll